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This Week on WXYC
Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy (almost) 4th of July! Hope everybody has a fun and safe time celebrating with cookouts and fireworks.
Here are just a few of the upcoming shows on WXYC to accompany your holiday weekend:
Tune in tonight at 9pm to catch the Outside Track, which will be Container’s new album LP3. ~Buzzwords~ include: noisy, erratic techno, club bangerz.
After that, don’t miss DJ Beto on the decks for the New Science Experience, 10pm-midnight. May he sneeze on the beat so the beat gets sicker.
Orange County Special airs this Sunday 11-1pm, with Jane DW curating a great selection of traditional and neotraditional music.
Tune in to Broken Music later on Sunday, 2-3pm, to hear a set of new recordings from the French electronic composer/vocalist/experimenter Berangere Maximin. Dangerous Orbits, her 4th overall solo release, features elements of electroacoustic music, modern composition and glitch electronics that all come together to create a rich sonic tapestry with nods towards Francois Bayle, Eliane Radigue, John Zorn and even the late Luc Ferrari.
This week on Sports Rap, Sunday 9-10pm, we'll be discussing the U.S. run in the FIFA Women's World Cup and the crazy signings going on as NBA free agency is just getting started.
An Monday’s Inside Track, 9-10pm, will feature Mort Garson’s Plantasia. This album is warm earth music for plants...and the people who love them.

This Week on WXYC
Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hi everyone,
Here are some of the cool things that will be featured on WXYC this week:
Broken Music, today from 2 to 3pm, will feature Eli Keszler, a multi-instrumental musician from New York. He plays things like sheet metal, engines, microprocessor-controller motors, and piano strings, often experimenting with percussion. His past in punk rock is only vaguely audible in his solo work. Much of his work is installation art, but his recorded works are equally ambitious. Collaborations with Ashley Paul, Tony Conrad, and Ambarchi are all notable.
Tune in from 5 to 6pm today to listen as the WXYC Reports team absconds with the sounds of other peoples voices and presents them as the substance of their own creation, exploring the theme of "appropriation" in one hour of story driven analysis and questioning, probing the topics of sex, gender, race, relationships, literature, and fan fiction.
From the host of Backyard BBQ, tonight 8-9pm:
Backyard BBQ
Your handsome host has returned
Local music y'all
-Haiku 383
On this week’s Sports Rap, tonight from 9 to 10pm, we'll be talking about the top picks of the NBA Draft, Charlotte's pick in the NBA Draft, the women's World Cup, and the U.S. matchup against China in the cup.
And on Monday 9-10pm, the Inside Track will be the album With Miur from Japanese experimental artist Keigo Igarashi's solo project Fifto. With Miur is a collection of mostly glitchy, sputtering minimalist soundscapes that verge on catchy.