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This Week on WXYC
Friday, July 15, 2016

Check out what's going on this week:
On tonight's Inside Track hear MIZUNOKUNI, the collaborative tape release from Gr◯un土 (DJ Ground) and Kabamix. Together they start with minimal beats and evolve and layer their sound with samples, voices, and chirping synthesizers to create a lush and otherworldly environment. Start your weekend on a chill note.
Tune in from 9 to midnight tonight to get down to the future/industrial beats of Carrboro’s very own Tegucigalpan on the New Science Experience. If high BPM dark wave dance tracks seem at all interesting to you, this will be right up your alley.
Tune in to the Backyard BBQ this Sunday at 8pm for a special one hour block of local music
Monday's Outside Track will feature Amputation, the latest album from experimental guitarist Stian Westerhus. Although well known in the avant-garde jazz scene, Amputation finds Westerhus flirting with singer-songwriter stylings while still keeping a strange, noisy, and totally original guitar sound. It's at turns industrial and screeching, at turns beautiful and orchestral, and all of it's composed from voice and guitar.  

This Week on WXYC
Friday, July 8, 2016

Big things cooking this week. Here's a little snippet of what we got:
On tonight's Inside Track, tune in for Social Housing the new album from Marquis Hawkes. A celebration of the public housing development he and his wife live in and an attempt to reject some of the negative connotations surrounding them, Social Housing is an infectious house album full of lush synths, crisp hi-hats, tight drum riffs and heavy baselines. It also features contributions from British key and synth superstar Tim Black and prolific American R&B singer Jocelyn brown. An anthem for your summer dance parties.
Check out New Science Experience at 10pm tonight to get down to some beat-oriented trax from the future
Tune in to the Backyard BBQ this Sunday at 8pm for a special one hour block of local music
Monday's Outside Track will be a new live album from Georgian saz (long-necked lute) performer Nargilә Mehtiyeva (aka Aşıq Nargilә) entitled Yurt Yeri. Participating in an one of the oldest musical oral traditions, Mehtiyeva combines traditional melodies with words from Destan epics, region poetry, and her own original lyrics. The performance you'll hear was recorded live at Cafe Oto and is both is immediate and powerful, creating a beautiful intersection of of cultural participation and individual expression.