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This Week on WXYC
Friday, May 29, 2015

Hey everyone,
It’s hot out here in Chapel Hill, but don’t fret because we’ve got some pretty ~chill~ programming coming your way this week:

Tune in to the Inside Track tonight at 9 pm to hear French producer Terence Fixmer's latest release, Depth Charged, out now on CLR. Don't miss Fixmer's signature style of heavy, industrial-tinged techno. A dark, emotional release for sure!
After that, DJ Beto Terwilliger will be on the decks for the New Science Experience. Tune in from 10pm-midnight!
On Orange County Special, Sunday 11am-1pm, we’ll be looking at Greek traditional folk and dance music, which enjoyed significant popularity in ethnic centers of New York in the 1930s and continues to influence modern Greek artists today.
From 1-2 pm on Sunday, Hell or High Water will be featuring music from the massive 120-voice choir of the Abyssinian Baptist Church from the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. These are recordings of the choir under the musical direction of Professor Alex Bradford, and include many of his original pieces.
Tune in to Broken Music this Sunday from 2-3pm to hear a recent release of manipulated field recordings courtesy of the young Montreal composer Chris Strickland. Titled Animal Husbandry and released on the Canadian avant-garde imprint Caduc, Strickland here takes source materials from all over Quebec and puts them through an electronic treatment, resulting in an hour's worth of dynamic composition that falls squarely between the realm of musique concrete and the looser confines of improvised electro-acoustic music.
From the Spring 2015 WXYC Reports Archive: This week, Sunday 5-6pm, Reports takes on the military. Black and white thinking is the easy way out of discussing war; in this episode, the reports team takes a harder route to discussion, venturing into the ambiguities and complexities of military service, politics, and occupation. You'll hear from the experience of ex-army artist Drew Cameron, American/African foreign policy expert Yadiel Shiferaw, student veteran Michael Hart, and from a local Burmese refugee. If experimental audio documentary/storytelling sounds like something you want to get involved with this summer, email wxycreports@gmail.com for more information!
Later on Sunday, 8-9pm, tune in to the Backyard BBQ for a great selection local jams!
Afterwards on Sunday, 9-10pm, Sports Rap will feature discussion of Lil B's curse on James Harden and his warning to the Cavs starting lineup. It’ll also be covering FIFA's corruption scandal, Friday's FIFA presidential election, Steph Curry vs LeBron James in the NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Finals.
For the Inside Track on Monday, 9-10pm, we’ll be hearing R. Hundro’s Invisible On Report. R. Hundro is the experimental bedroom rock solo act of Colin White, guitar player for rock band Big French (also on Wharf Cat). Invisible On Report, R. Hundro’s debut, is a spliced-up and stripped-down album with mechanical and sputtering grooves, bluesy guitar, and lo-fi vocals. The album is consistent across the board with with it’s angular, clunky, cog-like nature.

This Week on WXYC
Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello out there,

The lazy days of summer are now in full swing, but that doesn’t mean lazy programming here at WXYC! We’ve got some killer stuff ahead of us this week that you won’t want to miss. Here’s the plan:

The Inside Track airs tonight at 9pm and will feature Soichi Terada’s Sounds from the Far East, out on Rush Hour Recordings. Terada is a Japanese composer, producer, and founder of the record label Far East Recordings; he’s perhaps best known for his work on the Ape Escape video game series. This release compiles the best of his tracks for Rush Hour as well as a few from producer Shinichiro Yokota.
Right after that, on tonight's New Science Experience, resident DJ Selector B Steady will be spinning a collection of heavy dub sides from the influential New York label Wackies. Tonight's show will also feature a very #rare interview between Selector B and Wackies boss Lloyd Barnes! Tune in from 10pm to midnight!

This Sunday from 11-1pm, Orange County Special will explore the legacy and influence of country guitarist Chet Atkins. Atkins' smooth, plucked guitar is a real treat, and as a producer at RCA, Atkins molded the sounds of Country and Nashville giants like Norma Jean, Eddy Arnold, and Waylon Jennings. Atkins was a true pioneer and a prolific artists whose songs never fail to delight, surprise, and astonish!

Hell or High Water, 1-2pm on Sunday, will feature a collection of late 1920s and early 1930s recordings of string bands from the Ashe County, NC area. Music will be selected from UNC’s own Southern Folklife Collection. Tune in to hear Frank Belvins & his Tar Heel Rattlers, Ephraim Woodie & the Henpecked Husbands, Grayson & Whitter, and much more!

Broken Music, Sunday from 2-3pm, will feature excerpts from a new tape set from the prolific British electronics experimenter, composer and linguist Simon Wickham Smith. A Hidden Life and Other Works centers around Wickham Smith's recent translation of the biography of the Sixth Dalai Llama to which he adds electronics, percussion, samples and vocal snippets from, among others, the late Robert Ashley. Though Wickham Smith has been involved in the British avant-grade scene for a few decades, including works with Richard Youngs, Neil Campbell and Matthew Bower, A Hidden Life represents a refreshing new challenge for his talents.

Later on Sunday, from 8-9pm, the Backyard BBQ will keep things simple and sweet: tune in to hear one hour of music from awesome local artists. Don't miss out!

On Sports Rap, 9-10p this Sunday, we’ll be discussing the first few games of the NBA Conference Finals and looking forward to the NBA Finals. Other topics will include the Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and being Steph Curry with the shot.
And this week's Thursday Night Feature, airing Thursday from 9pm-midnight, is entitled Hear This: Sound Art. It will be hosted by the students of Hong-An Truong's summer sound art class (the first of it's kind at UNC!). The show will explore the concept of deep listening and investigate the ways in which sound as art shapes our experiences of both space and time. It will feature works by artists ranging from John Cage, Steve Reich, and Alvin Lucier to contemporary works by artists and collectives like Francisco Lopez and Ultra-red. The show will also feature short audio pieces composed by sound art students, and a conversation with Hong-An Truong, who was introduced to the concept of sound art through her own work as a video artist.